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How to get a Bigger Penis right now!

When it comes to sexual intercourse, most men worry about the size of their erect penis.

And also when it comes to everyday situations like urinating in a public urinal, going to the swimming pool or the beach and changing in the locker room at the gym, which demand exposure of their genitals in one way or the other, a lot of men feel embarrassed at the small size of their flaccid penis.

Here are few tips on how you can make your penis look bigger. These tips would prevent you from being embarrassed when you are in situations that demand exposure of your genitals.

(1.) Trim or Shave your Pubic Hair! The first tip to making your penis look bigger is to shave or trim your pubic hair. Yeah the tropical rain forest between your thighs has to go… ;-) Shaving your penis would add a few extra inches to your flaccid penis.

Nah! It does not really add any extra inches to the length of your penis. But it makes your penis look bigger. This is because your pubic hair hides the true size of your penis.

And guess what? The clean-shaven look you get from shaving your pubic hair would make your genitals much more attractive and sexier to your lover.

Also remember that you should also shave the region immediately above where your penis and pubic hair meet. And also rub some talcum powder on your genitals after shaving or else you would be scratching your genitals every 10 seconds. After your first shave the itching usually stops.

(2.) Do Short Jelq Exercise – If you find yourself in any situation that warrants exposure of your genitals like on the beach or at the pool, do some minutes of the jelq exercise. What you should do is look for a place where you can be alone (like the toilet), and do the jelq exercise.

This exercise would force more blood into your penis, which would result in your flaccid penis being slightly bigger. The basic jelq exercise is very simple to do. All you need to do is achieve a semi-erection (60% erection), and then squeeze the base of your penis very tight with an ok grip. Then slowly move your hand towards the head of your penis as you reach your penis head, change to the other hand.

(3.) Lose Weight – Are you overweight? Then lose the excess fat. The excess fat situated around you pubic bones hides your penis length making it look shorter than it really is. When you lose all those fat around your belly and pubic region, your penis would poke right out from your body without any disturbances.

Try losing excess fat by dieting and engaging in and going to the gym more often. Now you have one more reason why should go to the gym and cut down on all those unnecessary carbohydrates.

(4.) Take a Long, Hot Bath or Shower – Did you know heat helps the blood vessels in your penis expand and draw more into your penis? This makes your penis look slightly bigger. Try this as a form of foreplay with your lover, you would find out it is very enjoyable.

(5.) Wear a Penis Ring – A penis ring, which is also known as cock ring. When you wear this device on your genitals it traps blood in your penis making it look bigger in its flaccid state. Men who have erections problem usually wear this device. If you are okay with the thought of wearing this device on your penis, then go ahead and use. But there is a better option…

(6.) Use a Quality Herbal Penis Enlargement Pill – When you use any of the few quality herbal penis enlargement pills available, you begin noticing an increase in the size of your flaccid penis after a few weeks.

These pills work by increasing blood flow to your penis, stimulate penis growth and healing worn out penis tissues. To increase the size of your flaccid penis permanently you have to combine these pills with penis exercises.

(7.) Engage in a Quality Penis Exercise Program– This is a permanent way of making your penis bigger. Engaging in penis exercises increases the girth and length of your penis after a period of time. Both the size of your erect penis and flaccid are increased when you engage in penis exercises.

These exercises take quite some time before you begin seeing results. But you can reduce the time it takes by using a quality herbal penis enlargement pill in combination with these exercises. I am pretty sure with a bigger penis both in the flaccid and erect state, all your worries about penis size would disappear.

There are a few penis enlargement products that are guaranteed to give you results when you use them. To see a review of the best penis exercise programs available to you Click Here, while to see a review of the top herbal penis enlargement pills available on the Internet Click Here.

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